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Hi, My Name is Ya’el Yasha

Hay Friends! My name is Ya’el Yasha, Herbalist and Passionate Content writer.

A bubbly creative who overcame various health challenges, and who regained trust in her own body again.

Growing up in a household with not only a mother who is specialized in women’s hormonal health, but also an orthomoleculair Naropathic therapist who worked with herbs daily for over a decade, made natural supplements and the beauty of the gift of herbal medicine an oasis of comfort and familiarity.

In my early teen years, my life completely flipped around when my body gave undeniable signs that it needed space for Healing.

My body was now in survival mode, fighting for it’s life, and to be sustained.

As we are speaking, an e-book is being written about how a young woman kept her hope strong through her life battles of one of the severest forms of M.E. Myalgic encephalomyelitis and P.E.M. also called Post exertional Malaise, who in what seemed to be the darkest period of her life found the Light that changed her life completely. Where the Power of Hope, Belief, Prayer and the Wills Power to live over Powers the physical circumstances of the human experience.

This is also were my passion and connection for herbal medicine grew and ascended. Haven been allowed to learn under spiritual teachers and by experience myself that the body and mind, the physical and spiritual can not be separated from each other, I learned that both the outer and the inner work is needed in order to completely heal.

Through patience I have received guidance from called Healers, through Mindfulness, Meditation, Breathwork, Healthy diet, Herbalism and much more that aided In my healing journey.

This shared space will be a reflection of this, and hope to share this healing journey with you all.

With Love, Ya’el Yasha.

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